Handling state and federal cases nationwide

Notable Cases


The Mittelstadt firm has been involved in numerous sensational, high-profile cases to include:

  • USA v. Eric Rudolph (Atlanta Olympic Park Bomber and Birmingham Abortion Clinic Bomber)
  • State v. Ray Lewis (NFL Player - Defendant Reginald Oakley)
  • State v. Sheriff Victor Hill (Seated Sheriff)
  • State v. Jamal Anderson (NFL Player)
  • State v. Clifford Harris AKA TI (Entertainer)
  • USA v. Kaplan et al. (Gold Club Case - Defendant Jackie Bush)
  • USA v. Mayor William C. Campbell (Atlanta Mayor)
  • State v. Radric Davis AKA Gucci Mane (Entertainer)
  • State v. Dionne Baugh (Profiled on Investigation Discovery & Oxygen, "Red Bone" book, BET)
  • USA v. Jamal Lewis (NFL Player)
  • USA v. Senator Charles Walker
  • USA v. Scrushy (HealthSouth's behalf)
  • Ben Rothlisberger Investigations (On his behalf in GA & NV)
  • State v. James Sullivan (The "Palm Beach Murder")
  • State v. Dany Heatley (NFL Hockey Player)
  • State v. Kiari Cephus AKA Offset from Migos (Entertainer)
  • State v. Kat Williams (Comedian) 
  • Mike Epps Investigation (Comedian)
  • State v. William Leonard Roberts II AKA Rick Ross (Entertainer)
  • State v. Juaquin Malphurs AKA Waka Flocka (Entertainer)
  • USA v. Jack T. Camp, Jr. (Federal District Court Judge)
  • Will Packer Investigation (Film Producer - On his behalf)
  • USA v. Ty Rhame, et al. (Sterling Currency Group - Iraqi Dinar Case)

The Mittelstadt Firm has been involved in investigating hundreds of homicides, violent property and sex crimes as well as white collar crimes including fraud, tax matters, identity theft and embezzlement. Investigations involving specialized civil cases are also routinely accepted in matters involving slander, defamation of character, wrongful death, corporate litigation and more.


Bob Bianchi, former prosecutor/Law & Crime anchor and analyst to several networks

"Charles is the real deal"

Vinnie Politan, lead anchor CourtTV

"Charles is an amazing and passionate advocate who can expose the weakness in police investigations and uncover reasonable doubt in cases that look like easy wins for the prosecution."

Famed Lawyer, Joe Tacopina

"He's a very well-spoken investigator, he sounds like a lawyer quite frankly."

Lena Jakobsson, current VICE News Tonight Producer (HBO), veteran TV producer

"Charles is a consummate professional, integrity comes first. He never plays loose with the facts"

William Leonard Roberts, II AKA Rick Ross, Rap Legend

"He's the legit Ray Donovan."

Famed Lawyer, Edward TM Garland

"The finest investigator I've ever worked with"

Disclosed clients


  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Amoco Corporation
  • Playtex Family Products
  • General Electric
  • Equifax
  • American Cancer Society
  • Whirlpool Corporation
  • Southern Bell
  • U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
  • J.C. Penny Catalogue Center
  • Minnesota Mutual
  • RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company
  • John & Higgins of Michigan, Inc.
  • Enron Corporation
  • Community Television of California
  • State of Colorado
  • Washington State Convention
  • St. Louis Science Center
  • Dow Chemical Corporation
  • Holiday Inn Worldwide
  • The U.S. Navy
  • First National Bank of Maryland
  • Biderman Industries Corp.
  • Union Carbide Corporation
  • NIST
  • TRW
  • Giant Eagle, Inc.
  • American Express
  • Westinghouse Hanford Co.
  • Ohio State University
  • Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory
  • Fleet Bank
  • CDI Corporation
  • Bank One Texas
  • Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc.
  • TDS Healthcare Systems
  • Chomerics, Inc.
  • Cummins Engine Company
  • Carter Hawley Hale, Inc.
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Fifth Third Bank of Columbus
  • Boston Properties, Inc.
  • Bohringer Manheim Corp.
  • Champion International Corp>
  • Bellsouth Telecommunications
  • Babelle
  • Delmarva Company
  • Kraft General Foods
  • Federal Express Corporation
  • Hamilton Federal Savings
  • The Travelers Companies
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.
  • CSC Transportation
  • Rhode Island College
  • New York Power Authority
  • Pacific Bell
  • Tops New Jersey, Inc.
  • United Grocers
  • Intel Corporation
  • BDM International
  • Martin Marietta Corp.
  • American Norit Company, Inc.
  • The Aerospace Dorporation
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Memphis Light & Gas
  • Houston Lighting & Power
  • Big V Supermarkets
  • New England Telephone

Law Firms


  • Venable Law Firm/Los Angeles
  • Troutman Sanders
  • Gordon & Rees/Los Angeles
  • Garland, Samuel & Loeb
  • Findling Law Firm
  • Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.
  • Bobby Lee Cook, Esq.
  • Arnall Golden Gregory
  • Cohen, Foster & Romine, P.A.
  • Law Offices of Jack Martin
  • Chivilis, Cochran, Larkins and Bevers
  • Holland & Knight
  • Powell, Goldstein, Frazier and Murphy
  • Warner, Mayoue & Bates
  • Judy Clarke, Esq.
  • Law Office of Joseph Habachy
  • Law Office of Lawrence Zimmerman, P.C.
  • Zuckerman Spaeder, LLP
  • McNally, Edwards, Baily, Lander, Spix & Krupp
  • Peters, Roberts, Borsuk & Rubin
  • Hogue & Hogue
  • Littler Mendelson
  • Johnson, Kane & Penna
  • Sims, Moss, Kline & Davis
  • Alembik, Fine & Callner
  • Law Office of Dwight Thomas
  • Austin Catts & Associates
  • Carlock, Copeland, Semler & Stair
  • Bogart & Bogart
  • Williams & Henry
  • McKenny & Froelich
  • Chandler & Britt
  • McGough & Huddleston
  • Blank Rome
  • Golder, Sommers, Scrudder & Bass
  • Law Office of L. David Wolfe
  • Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP
  • Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLC
  • Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan, LLP
  • DNK Cornwell, LLC
  • Todd Foster Law Group
  • Law Office of Jeff Weiner