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Criminal Defense Investigation/Consulting

Widely recognized as one of the premier Criminal Defense Investigation firms in the country, under the leadership of Charles Mittelstadt, The Mittelstadt Firm, ISC's investigative division, prides itself on working hand in hand with some of the most skilled and recognized attorneys in the country. In most instances, our clients rely on our experience to review, assess and develop investigative strategies that are responsible for testing the veracity of the state or government's evidence.

Fortune 100 companies, politicians, professional athletes, entertainers and prominent attorneys are among the many that ISC and The Mittelstadt Firm has had the privilege of calling clients. The Firm has been involved in investigating sensational criminal cases of national and international significance. We are equally proud of the crisis management results we achieve for high-profile clients without drawing attention, while navigating them through challenging circumstances. The firm actively investigates criminal and specialized civil cases on both federal and state levels without geographical limitations. Whether taking the lead investigative role or operating in a strategic/consultation capacity on a case, The Mittelstadt Firm has consistently proven itself as a significant outcome contributor. Our cases have been profiled on CourtTV, Oxygen, Dateline NBC, HLN, CNN, InSession, Investigation ID, A&E and other print and broadcast media. 

The Firm is committed to having the highest skills in areas including forensic interviewing, witness location, background investigation, social media deep dives, digital evidence gathering and analysis, dossier development and assembly, report writing, live testimony, witness preparation and assessment, case assessment and intake, testimonial evidence preservation, physical evidence assessment, development and preservation, records history review and retrieval, and direct/cross examination preparation.

A Team in Your Corner

Beyond our extensive internal capabilities, decades of criminal justice focus translates into close working relationships with some of the best and brightest legal minds, and experts from every forensic discipline and science in the U.S. Whether making an informal inquiry, or formally adding them to the team, these vetted experts are familiar with our case approach and are only a phone call away. 

Legacy of Success

95% of our cases are referrals from other legal professionals. For 30 years, our goal has been to take only those cases where we feel we can make a meaningful contribution - we have a proven record of success.