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The U.S. criminal justice system is daunting, and often unpredictable. For 30 years, whether through game changing work product, pre-trial evidence presentations, or witness testimony from the stand, our case involvement is often a significant outcome difference maker. In every case, we assist counsel in being their most effective in delivering on the unalienable right to due process. 

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We are committed to delivering the defense its best hand, by mastering the facts. Meticulous analysis of the discovery enables us to develop an investigative strategy that is not only responsive to admissible evidence, but also positions us to test the reliability of the Gov't case and identify previously unknown facts, evidence and witnesses in support of our theory of the case - not the prosecution's. 

Proactive, as a Strategy


Reacting to discovery is too late. Technology has changed the way criminal cases are made, and defeated. Some forms of digital evidence (cell/smart phone, video, business records, social media, email, texts, browser history, etc.) are highly perishable - Memories fade too. We identify and preserve difference making favorable evidence (the kind law enforcement overlooked), before it is lost or compromised. 

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