Criminal Defense Investigation/Consulting

The Mittelstadt Firm

Fortune 100 companies, politicians, professional athletes, entertainers and prominent attorneys are among the many that ISC and The Mittelstadt Firm has had the privilege of calling clients. Over the years, the Mittelstadt Firm, a division of ISC, has been involved in investigating sensational criminal cases of national and international significance. We are equally proud of the crisis management results we achieve for high-profile clients without drawing attention, while navigating them through challenging circumstances. The firm actively investigates criminal and specialized civil cases on both federal and state levels without geographical limitations. Whether taking the lead investigative role or in a strategic/consultation capacity on a case, The Mittelstadt Firm has consistently proven itself as a significant outcome contributor. Our cases have been profiled on CourtTV, Oxygen, Dateline NBC, HLN, CNN, InSession, Investigation ID, and other print and broadcast media.
Founded in 1989 by Charles Mittelstadt, ISC's professional consultants, investigators and trainers have decades of combined experience in most aspects of security and investigative matters. ISC was founded in response to the absence of professional, need-specific advice, assistance and consulting within corporate and legal settings. ISC employs some of the most credentialed practitioners currently involved in the private sector today.